Nonton Film A Song for Mia (2019) Full HD

A Song for Mia (2019)

Genre: Comedy, Romance
Year: Duration: 89 MinView: 495 views
1 votes, average 6.0 out of 10

For the handsome Sebastian life goes by easily. During the day he works in a fashion shop, in the evening he flirts through the clubs of the city. Blessed with an extraordinary voice, all signs of a career for the young singer. Ironically, an accident rips him out of his carefree life: Suddenly Sebastian can not see anymore. Instead of the party girls, a young woman enters his life, for whom he had never had eyes: the inconspicuous nurse Mia (Paula Kalenberg). Through her, Sebastian begins to re-experience the world – and for the first time gets to know real feelings. Thanks to Mia he writes a song that really comes from the heart. Overnight, it makes him, the blind romantic, known on the Internet. When he regains his sight, he has to decide: Will he also return to his old life?


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